Meeting Room

Community Meeting Room Guidelines

When not being used for Library purposes, the Community Meeting Room is available to local organizations engaging in educational, cultural, intellectual, or civic activities and events. Any group wishing to use the Meeting Room must read these Guidelines and then complete a Meeting Room Application and Hold Harmless Agreement. Any group that fails to comply with any of the below guidelines may be denied further use of the Meeting Room, and a user fee may be assessed. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to modify these rules at any time in response to changing conditions.

Meeting Room Application

Hold Harmless and AV Responsibility Application

  1. For new groups, no reservations will be held or booked until an application form is completed. For ongoing groups, an application must be updated annually.
  2. The Meeting Room is available Tuesday through Saturday. The Meeting Room is not available on days when the library is closed (Sundays, Mondays and holidays). Attendee arrival and setup may not begin prior to 9 AM. Please do not knock, rattle the door, or try to gain entry before the Library is officially opened.
  3. The Meeting Room may be used beyond the Library’s closing time, Tuesday through Friday. Evening events should end by 10 PM, and public use is restricted to the Meeting Room, entry lobby and restroom. Your organization is responsible for picking up a key during the Library’s open hours, locking the door at the end of the meeting, and returning the key via the book drop.
  4. Users must disclose the nature of their meeting when making the reservation. Charging fees, selling of any sort, or soliciting funds are not permitted. No private parties are allowed.
  5. The Room is in such high demand that it can impact the Library’s ability to hold its own events. Although we will make every effort to honor your reservation, the Library reserves the right, with as much notice as feasible, to cancel a reservation if the Room is needed for a Library program.
  6. Reservations will be accepted up to four months in advance. To ensure equitable access, the Library reserves the right to limit the frequency of any group’s use.
  7. If the Library closes due to storms or other extraordinary circumstances, the applicant will be notified, if possible, but it is the applicant’s responsibility to notify attendees. The Library is not responsible for any cost incurred by any group as a result of such closing.
  8. The Library must be notified as soon as feasible if a meeting is canceled so that other groups may use the space.
  9. Groups are responsible for setting up the Meeting Room for their meeting, and for cleaning up and restoring to order afterward. This includes replacing moved furniture according to the posted diagram, closing windows, and turning off lights. Please include this set-up and take-down time when making your reservation.
  10. Library staff is not available to change the room arrangement or to provide support services such as carrying equipment or materials into or around the Library, or making photocopies.
  11. Groups wishing to use Library audio-visual equipment in the Meeting Room must complete an Assumption of Responsibility Form and receive training in advance of the meeting and at a time convenient for Library staff. Staff is not available to operate audio-visual equipment during the meeting and should not be expected to respond immediately to any potential malfunction. Library equipment is not available for use off premises. If there is any damage, the user will be billed.
  12. A kitchenette is available. Beverages and light refreshments may be served, but no cooking is permitted. Users must provide their own food, beverages, cups and other supplies. Please clean after use and remove any trash, unused food, supplies, and catering equipment.
  13. Prior to leaving, the applicant should notify the Circulation Desk so that a staff member can check the condition of the Meeting Room.
  14. Parking for persons using the Meeting Room is available in the municipal lot, located across Pleasant Street. The Library’s short-term parking is reserved for patrons visiting for ten minutes or less.
  15. Groups must state their sponsorship in their advertising or meeting announcements and are prohibited from making statements that suggest Library sponsorship or endorsement. Inquiries from the public concerning specific programs will be referred to the sponsoring organization.
  16. Youth (under 18) groups must have an adult (over 21) sponsor and one adult in attendance for every twenty young people. Parents/guardians at a meeting must attend to any child under the age of six, and every 30 minutes they must check on any child between the ages of six and eight.
  17. The Library recognizes the rights of free speech and free assembly. We subscribe to Article IV of the Library Bill of Rights: facilities should be made available to the community on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of users. The Meeting Room meetsADA guidelines for accessibility.
  18. The entire Library is a non-smoking facility. Alcoholic beverages may be served only with the prior approval of the Board of Trustees and Board of Selectmen.
  19. The Library, Library staff, and Library officers are not responsible for any articles left at the Library.
  20. Although use of the Meeting Room is free, donations to the Library are always appreciated.
  21. An exception to any of the above requires a formal request in writing, submitted to the Board of Trustees for consideration.

Adopted April 2007
Revised March 2009
Effective March 31, 2009